Monday, January 7, 2008

Desperately Hunting for a Customer Service Representative; Eager to Wait On Hold, Even

After running a couple of Google searches, I found the Amazon Customer Service Phone Number on a similarly titled blog.

(This information was previously available on another blog, Customer Service Phone Number, but it is most certainly not on Amazon's own website.)

If you find yourself in a situation needing to contact Amazon, as have I, please feel free to try looking on these two links. I promise to report which phone number works.

My issue has to do with technical problems that obstruct sales on Amazon sales plages. My main issue is: why doesn't the "Add to Shopping List" button work for third party listed items on Amazon? If part of Amazon's recent success is coming from "its fast-growing (and high margin) merchant market, which allows merchants to sell goods alongside Amazon," why isn't the full functionality of the website's features available to third party sellers?

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